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About What is Love

This poem explains Love from a divine perspective / this was shared with Brad in a waking dream by Ishvara consciousness /  He was told to write it down down exactly as it was told to him …. he was also asked to share it with humanity, this so people in these times of upheaval would understand who they really are …. outside the illusions  

What is love, but the pure essence of the soul expanding into another form, as it allows two to become one and one to become formless with all that is, and all that will ever be.


 Love is beyond this life, and yet it is all that we really are.

 Love knows no boundaries, no limits to its making or its sharing. It softly crosses the valleys, the oceans, up the mountains moving beyond the most distant stars. It is as gentle as the most beautiful dream, but is beyond thought.


 Love has no form and no desire other than to be collective with all that can accept its magnificent radiance. Unconditionally it is and will always be, it is formless and mindless and fills the human heart with all it can handle, overflowing its limited capacity of self, ego and conditionings.


 Love has no boundary on its pure compassion, nor does it understand self or can it be captured and hoarded. It is free flowing as the summer winds that blow through the mountain trees or like the forest streams that nourish all those that come to share its refreshing essence.


 Love is and will always be and never was there a time it did not exist, nor a time it will not be. The formless, mindless, thoughtless, all compassionate unconditional love is all there is, and all that will ever be.


 Love is the spirit, the loyal friend that guides us through the emotional rains of life, with no desires or conditions.

 Love is all that we are and all we can ever be, there is no more and no less, everything else is just the illusion.

 Love is all I have, and all that I am …   


Brad Carrigan ~ Ishvara 

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You may also download the poster at no charge.

What is Love


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