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2012 Enlightened Book by Brad Carrigan

Please visit my Online Store to purchase this book.

 The year 2012 is a year of transformation, and understood by the ancient Mayans through their cyclic calendar / time clock as profound date of the 26,500 year galactic cycle


 2012, is also the time in history where true science, spiritualists, prophets, historians and ancient scholars predicted the world would ether end, as we know it, and / or transform from the “great revealing” with overwhelming consensus our world would never be the same. 


 The great revealing represents exposing the anti-Christ agenda, Illuminati, secret societies, false gurus, religious dogmas and government corruption hidden deep in the shadows controlling our historical narrative to deceive and undermine the human spiritual awakening necessary to usher in the new spiritual age of peace and enlightenment, where by the “children of the light” reclaim their domain.

 2012 Enlightened opens the door to many beautiful insights that allow the unveiling of our hidden past and the spiritual vision to gaze into the future.

 2012 Enlightened gently explains who we really are, where we have been and where we are going physically and spiritually as “children of the light”

 Look here for Brad’s new book to be released fall 2019 

 Brad Carrigan - is a west-coast spiritualist / visionary author and creative soul, whose life work is, service to others. He has travelled the world and lived in India where he studied the ancient wisdom, and been featured on US cable networks and wellness festivals for his spiritual and visionary insights.


 Brad has also written enlightened world class musical theatre productions / produced films on topical wellness issues / taught higher learning, spirituality and mediation for over 25 years at n/c / and has worked with the consciousness to help humanity understand the times we are living in, and our true destiny as “children of the light”. blog.

Brad is currently completing his 3rd book, and second in the series to expand the 2012 Enlightened spiritual context.  Release date spring  2020 / bio.


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