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As a world recording artist, Brad is well known for his unique integration of the spiritual and vibrational aspects of music, woven into a beautiful story of rhythmic world, jazz, Latin and classical Indian voicing’s that has wowed growing audiences around the world. Brad has uniquely integrated ballet, crystal bowls and indigenous flutes into his storied and popular world music concert performances.


Brad’s varied musical style and creative journey has included studying Indian classical devotional music in India, to performing his crossover Latin, jazz, world music performances into Vancouver’s 2850-seat Queen Elizabeth Theatre, with stops in Europe and recently Calgary’s National Music Centre, and Ironwood show lounge. 


Brad’s concert bands have attracted Canadian A-list musicians, such as Michael Ceber – Keys (KD Lang), Dave Sinclair – Guitar (Sara McLaughlin), Miles Hill – Bass (Super Tramp, Idol Eyes), Gaye Delorme,  Jesse Zubot – Violin, Miles Black –Keys / Piano, Bill Sample – Piano (David Foster Band), Bill Rungie – Sax (Powder Blues), Angela Kellman (Farmers Daughter), and many others.


 On his musical journey, Brad has sat with and performed with such performers as Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Andy Summers (The Police) and countless others throughout pop and world music.

Brad has produced and/or recorded with Paul Hyde (Payolas), Mike Reno (Lover Boy), Paul Janz and Jeff Mann (Spirit of The West), and Gaye Delorme in the penned classic, I Wish It Was Christmas (All Year).  This classic received high rotations on Much Music and many major radio music markets.



Journey to Nirvana is a beautiful arrangement of silky vocals and superb songs of master musicians embodying a magical music journey of a melodic passage through the years –from Latin Jazz to sultry blues – all fused with Sanskrit and world music. 

Music CD Clayton Bradley



Piano:                          Miles Black / Michael Creber

Keys:                            Miles Black / Brad Carrigan   / Bill  Buckingham

Bass:                            Miles Hill

Drums:                         Phil Robertson

Percussion:                  Rafael Geronimo    / Brad Carrigan

Saxophone:                 Bill Runge

Guitar:                         Robbie Steininger / Brad Carrigan

Classical Guitar:         Brad Carrigan

Slide Guitar: (Girl)     Gaye Delorme

Violin:                          Jesse Zubot

Trumpet:                     Vince Mai

Vocals:                          Brad Carrigan

BG Vocals:                   Angela Kelman / Joni Bye / Linda Kidder  / Glenda Rae / Cathy Saint Germain

Indian Scat Vocal:      Neetu Matharu

Sitar:                            James Hamilton

Tabla:                          Uman Tohan

Chimes:                        Anand Carrigan 

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