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Clayton Bradley Carrigan

World Recording Artist. Author, Visionary and, political figure 

Clayton Bradley is a very unique, talented and innovative spiritual visionary who has made a significant impact in the world of music, entertainment and awakening political consciousness . As a published author and filmmaker, he has helped define the spiritual and transformative times we are living in. Based in Vancouver, Clayton is also a renowned world recording artist known for his mesmerizing songs and captivating performances.

Clayton's artistic journey has taken him from mainstream radio and video markets to the prestigious QE Theatre in Vancouver, where he  collaborated with Cirque du Soleil choreographer Sandra Botnan to create and perform a stunning musical theatre production, using a unique blend of jazz, ballet, and tribal dancers, creating visually and musically stunning experiences for his audience.

Throughout his career, Clayton has worked with some of Canada's finest musicians, including  Michael Ceber on keys (KD Lang), Dave Sinclair on guitar (Sara McLaughlin), Miles Hill on bass (Super Tramp, Idol Eyes), Gaye Delorme, Jesse Zubot on violin, as well as Miles Black on keys/piano, Bill Sample on piano (David Foster Band), Bill Rungie on sax (Powder Blues), and Angela Kellman (Farmers Daughter). He has also played with music legends such as Matt Malley from Counting Crows and Andy Summers from The Police, as well as recording with Juno and Grammy award-winning artists.

Clayton's music transcends genres, blending crossover jazz, world pop, spiritual and socially conscious messaging into a celebration of artistry that is both unique and evolving. His captivating style, voice, and songs cross the boundaries of time, fusing crossover jazz innovations, world pop, and world spiritual and socially conscious messaging into a true celebration of a unique, evolving, and beautifully crafted musical artistry.

Live In Concert 

Clayton Bradley Live in concert
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