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Brad  Carrigan

World Recording Artist. Author. Visionary

Brad is a creative spiritual visionary who has owned and created successful companies in the financial, marketing, and high tech, I.T and multimedia sectors, as well as authoring a published book and film defining the transformational times, we are living in.


In August 2020 as the architect and organizer of Canada's largest ever peaceful non-violent freedom movement - Walk for Freedom – Brad was one of the first to stand up and with a stellar team behind him, built and created the platform and stage that brought together millions of Canadians as well as national and internationally recognized doctors and professionals who also stood up to inform Canadians about the serious health risks and wellness issues concerning the Covid 19 vaccine and its side effects.            


The Walk for Freedom Movement,  grew to over 50 peaceful super, world wide freedom rallies attracting weekly crowds of between 2,000-10,000 persons as they walked in peace for freedom shining a light on the coverup and censorship perpetrated by governments and the news media carrying water for multi-national pharmaceuticals who intentioanlaly censored discussion and important vetted scientific information from being shared.


As a well-known world-recording artist, playwright, and internationally published spiritualist visionary author/speaker Brad's creative work has inspired countless reviews from his peers and audiences worldwide. In Brads creative world he traveled the world performing concerts and book release seminars. His attention to humanitarian and social causes has propelled him to run in federal politics while also championing national environmental and charter rights, working with tribal chiefs and countless leaders along the way. 


Musically, Brad has headlined 250-2850 seat concert venues and performed many outdoor festivals, with his TV appearances and Much Music videos his musical talent has attracted Juno and Grammy winners to perform and record with him. He has also enhanced his performances with Cirque du Soleil choreographers to integrate storied ballet themes/Tibet horns and even Crystal bowls attracting top international jazz and world musicians. His world music concerts have a universal spiritual theme of unity and have included the sacred dance of the Haida Nation Mask Dancers/Ballet and Jazz fire dance. 

Currently Brad and his team of top professionals are launching a new cutting edge federal political party and movement " the NEW CANADA is Coming" see  New Federation 

Live In Concert 

Brad Live #1 violin.png
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